Welcome to The Women’s Global Network

The Women’s Global Network is exactly what its name suggests – a network and affiliation of women’s organizations around the world. Each unique and special organization understands the concept of strength in numbers as it tries to grow its local membership. The members of these organizations understand that to truly effect permanent change, their organizations must collaborate with each other as global citizens sharing ideas and formalizing best practices so that time is not wasted or important traction lost because of the duplication of efforts.



WGN Global Affiliate – As a WGN Global Affiliate, benefits for your organization include:

  • Your organization’s logo or trademark will be featured with a link to your WGN Directory Profile where you can tell other WGN Global Affiliates and WGN members about your organization, its members and its goals and aspirations.
  • Your organization will be searchable by industry and geographic location.
  • You will have direct contact information about other WGN affiliates around the world.
  • Your organization’s events will be posted to the WGN global calendar for women around the world to see and participate in.
  • You will be able to post a list of your organization’s needs for others to see and in return, you will be able to see how you can fulfill the needs of another organization.
  • Receipt of the WGN Newsletter that you can forward to your local membership.  The newsletter will contain stories submitted by the WGN Global Affiliates about the work they are doing, best practices and any needs requests which may be able to be met by other global affiliates.
  • The opportunity to be linked with another organization in a different country through the WGN Global Business Partners program adding one more prong to the international grid of women’s organizations aligned with the common goals of positive social change.